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2012 Acts

Details, The Wild West Comedy Festival 2012

‘Wild West Comedy Opening Gala Night’

The fest starts with a Bang! The biggest night of the year! Join the comedy, get ready for your exclusive sneak peak into the Best of this years Fest. Secure your tickets early, this event is always a sell out!




  • Wed 22 August. 7.30pm (doors open 6.30pm), The Empyrean
  • Full price: $ 52 / Concession: $ 46 (+bf)

Is proudly supporting:


Gavin Baskerville

‘Hanging In There’

To mark ten years in comedy Gavin looks back over his life, from his childhood in suburban Perth to where he is today to work out how the hell he got here. Life can be a bit of a roller coaster but Gavin is still hanging in there.

“Had the intimate room belly-laughing with regularity.” - Herald Sun

 ”Not to be missed… Easily up there with the best”  -             The Pun

“Everything you expect from great stand up comedy”-             Australian Stage

  • 23, 24, 25 August. 6.40 pm – Rosie O’Grady’s
  • Standard: $20 / Concession: $16 (+bf)


Gavin Baskerville

‘Stand Up Comedy Workshop’

After more than a decade working in the Australian comedy industry, Gavinhas seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly – and now you can benefit from his experience and expertise in a workshop setting.  This session explores everything from writing jokes and creating routines to performance techniques and effective stagecraft.  The workshop is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge you.

  • Sat 25 August, 11am – 3pm – The Empyrean
  • Full: $99 / Concession: $89 (+bf)


Official Webpage, Gavin


Wild West Comedy’s

‘Funny sculptures”

An inspiring insight into the minds of children.  1st of August till 5 September, All Day. WA State LibraryFree event

Check out -> What’s on -> Youth and teenage program’s




‘Protection v Infection’

Have you ever wanted anything so badly that you didn’t care what you had to do to get it? What if you were told that it was as simple as spreading a rumor? Come along on a satirical journey with two lovers who won’t give up their fight to be together. In an infectious world where political correctness and sexual innuendo fester, will the secret to their fears be revealed in their backyard? This is a Contemporary script inspired by the 16th Century Commedia dell’ Arte.

  • 23, 24, 25 August, 7.30 pm – The Empyrean
  • Full: $25 /  Concession: $22 / Students (Thursday only) : $ 19 (+bf)


Official Webpage, Into the Mask



Joel Ozborn

‘One night Stand-Up’

You’ve seen him with Arj Barker, Akmal and Jimeoin, now see JOEL OZBORN in his one man show. On the road he has performed 1,142 shows to over 340,000 people, travelled more than 200,000 km, paying upwards of $4,500 dollars in excess baggage, eaten approximately 1,300 meals with Arj Barker and watched 1 woman punch Akmal in the face!

Now Joel Ozborn brings his sell-out Melbourne International Comedy Festival show to Perth!

  • Thurs 23, 24,25 August, 7.55 pm – Rosie O’Grady’s
  • Full: $25 / Concession: $20 (+bf) 

Video Clip

Official Webpage, Joel Ozborn



Ciaran Lyons, Graham Goodall-Smith & Dallas C. Hill Jr

‘Two Blokes And A Bro’


Three Rising Stars of Perth Comedy Get together for a BIG night of laughs! Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to see three comedians for the price of one!

Due to popularity: Xtra Show on the 30th!

  • 23, 24, 25 & 30 August  , 9.00 pm – Rosie O’Grady’s
  • Full: $18 / Concession: $15 (+bf)



Joel Salom

‘Technical Difficulties’

The irrepressible Joel Salom is an outstanding all-round comic, who plays electronic percussion and a full laser show with bounced balls then executes a hilarious reversal on the old dropped-pants shtick. And he’s also the genius behind the show’s other stand-up comic, a blithely satiric little robot dog named Erik.

  • 23, 24, 25 August, 9.15 pm – Empyrean
  • Full: $28 / Concession: $22 (+bf)


‘Get Hypnotised! Matthew Hale’s Comedy Hypnosis Show’

Expect to see hypnotised volunteers transported into bizarre car journeys and talking aliens.Matthew turns the traditional hypnosis show on its head, highlighting talents and creativity of the volunteers for big laughs instead of embarrassing them.

100% Chicken-free Guaranteed!


  • Wed 29 August, 8.50pm – The Emyrean
  • Standard: $25 / Concession: $20 (+bf)



                             Michael Connell

                             ‘Digital Comedy’

Michael Connell (Australia’s Got Talent) is releasing a free stand up comedy special on To promote the release he’s touring the country performing highlights plus new material you can’t see online.  So check out the special on Michael’s website, then join him for an analog stand up comedy extravaganza.

‘Michael Connell delighted with his easy manner…’ – The Age

  • Wed 29 August, 7.30pm – Rosy O’Grady’s
  • Full: $20 / Concession: $15 (+bf)



Official Webpage, Michael Connell

                ‘Belowsky – Stay Greasey’

With great irresponsibility comes chaotic comedy, not in 3D.

After his infamous performances at the Standard Hotel Hollywood California, and on to mesmerising audiences with “A Lesson In Belowskology” at His Majesty’s Theatre, to causing havoc on Foxtel’s Quickies In My Kitchen with Celebrity Chef Anna Gare by destroying her kitchen with total lunacy.

Belowsky now brings you his brand new show “STAY GREASEY”  to the Wild West where no one will be safe. Its all new, its all stand up, its all at the speed of light.

Alan Mcgee co founder of Creation records and the man who discovered Oasis says,” Belowsky is a comic genius”

”watching Belowsky I was so riveted time stalled, I forgot reality and my car was locked in overnight parking” - Shane Mcfarlane Mix 94.5fm The Big Couch

“Belowsky is small, bold and mad, with that name and those physical characteristics, he had to be funny! He is very, very funny!” – Sir Bob Geldof

Due to popularity: Two Xtra shows! 

  • Wed 29 & Fri 31 August & 1 sept, 9pm – Rosie O’Grady’s
  • Full: $20 / Concession: $15 (+bf)

                           Paul McDermott

                             ‘Paul Sing’s’

“PAUL SINGS”   PAUL McDERMOTT and band. The songs Paul wrote for GoodNews Week, The Sideshow, Debates, Galas and stories of the seamy underside of showbiz.

“ Wickedly evil but the voice of an angel. A very funny angel!”

Paul McDermott is well – known as host of Good News Week, Strictly Dancing, The Sideshow, Melbourne International Comedy Festival TV Comedy Debates and Galas – and for touring with The Doug Anthony Allstars and GUD. His great love has always been performing live.

  • 31 August , 7 and 9.30pm, Astor Theater
  • Full: $44,70 / Concession $41,90 (+bf)

                     LOL! Teen Comedy

                  ’A Blackboard Jungle’

A comedy show about surviving high school and following your dreams

Join comedian, harmonica player and nerd Michael Connell as he relives his High School years. A Blackboard Jungle tells the story of how Michael survived the pressures of High School to achieve his dream of becoming a comedian

  • Incursion into High schools
  • Check out the home page for more info! 

                       Eileen Glynn, Alex Manfrin & Dan Hatch

                 ‘Questions Without Notice’

Feeling exasperated by the stifling gridlock our esteemed leaders have driven our nation into?

Here’s your chance to take revenge in Questions Without Notice – get your queries answered once and for all by Julia Gohard and Phony Abbott, with real world Journoand MC  Dan Hatch. No running! No hiding! No spin!  You call the shots as they face the people, in this no-holds-barred and wicked night of political send ups!  Laughter Permitted!

  • Wed 29 August, 7.30pm – The Empyrean
  • Full: $25 / Concession: $ 20 (+bf)

                    ’15th Over The Fence

                   Comedy Film Festival’

It’s A Man’s World, When She’s Not There..

The Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a selection of 15 brilliant offbeat comedies – brilliant symmetry!

And that’s reason enough to go over the top in this year’s selection with a wild range of films dealing with situations that are just ‘wrong’, ‘absurd’,‘spectacular’, ‘diverse’ and above all ‘wicked’!

  • 24, 25, 26(matinee 4 pm), 31 August & 1 September, 8.45 – Cinema Paradiso.
  • Full: $16.50 / Concession: $13.50 (+bf)

                           Luke Heggie

                        ’Master Of None’

RAW Comedy National Winner 2010 & MICF Best Newcomer Nominee 2012

Luke Heggie has had a lot of jobs; most of them bad. He’s never stuck at any of them long enough to get promoted.

Sold out in Melbourne and Sydney, go and see his debut solo show. It’s funny. No dickheads please.

Sharp, sardonic, and understated.” Sydney Morning Herald

  • 30, 31 August & 1 September 7.55 pm – Rosie O’Grady’s
  • Full: $25 / Concession $20 (+bf)


 Video Clip

Official Webpage, Luke Heggie 


                          Tim Ferguson

                      ’Carry A Big Stick’

Tim Ferguson is well knows from the former Comedy Trio: “Doug Anthony All

Stars” And he is returning to Perth with his new show: Carry A Big Stick.

This master comedian is fierce, fearless and funny: “I’m looking forward to returning to Perth. I love the bearpit of standup comedy.

In my case it’s standup then sitdown comedy. Yes, it’s that edgy. Be mildly nervous. Be very mildly nervous.”


  • 30, 31 August, 1 September 6.45 pm and 2 September matinee 4 pm- The Empyrean
  • Full: $35 / Concession $30 (+bf) 

Official Webpage, Tim Ferguson

        ’Pirates and Sex Dolls in Outer Space’

                            with Helchild

Experience the satirical characters of Helchild, transformer extraordinair, as she takes us on a wildly drunken misadventure into Outer Space. You will journey to

the dark side, see the master of the universe, witness the celebrity stuck in a worm hole and meet a run-away sex doll fighting for freedom and liberty.

This powerhouse performance is a socially philosophic, scientifically absurdist event of universal proportions.

  • 30, 31 August 6.40 pm – Rosie O’ Grady’s
  • Full: $18 / Concession: $15 (+bf)

                ’Nelson Twins & Friend’

The Nelson Twins – hot from their stellar performances on Australia’s Got Talent!

The Nelson Twins are one of the most unique stand up comedy acts in the world. Raised in rural New South Wales, they have been performing as a duo for the past 6 years.  From their humble beginnings in  2006, the twins have fast become one of the most sort after double acts in Australia, dazzling corporate and club crowds alike with their cheeky humour.

Their big bush ranger beards and cracking one liner jokes are just a part of an amazing act never before seen on the comedy circuit. The boys are constantly bickering.

And fabulously supported by their friend, Perth comedy’s favourite saucy minx: Janelle Koenig who has a whole new swag of standup, songs and improvisation to delight,   defy and possibly debauch… in the nicest possible way.

  • Sat 1 September, 8.20pm – Emyrean Theatre
  • Full: $35 / Concession $31 (+bf) 

Sam McCool

‘ Multiple Personality Distorter’

Fresh from the finals of Australia’s Got Talent The Scottish, English, Irish, Kiwi, Indian has put together a 1 hour comedy spectacular – MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISTORTER! For one night only. Sam who has been described as “Russell Peters meets Sascha Baron Cohen” will take you on a comic journey of discovery to foreign lands and across the globe for a night of world class comedy. Sam recently wowed 1.5 million Australians & over 100,000 YouTube fans with his short comedy bursts on channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent now see him LIVE!!

“We have been waiting for a good comedian and we’ve finally found one” Brian McFadden –

Australia’s Got Talent

“That was choice Bro” Danni Minogue – Australia’s Got Talent

“We were all laughing the whole way through” Kyle Sandilands – Australia’s Got Talent

  • Thurs 30 August, 8.20pm – Empyrean Theatre
  • Full: $35 / Concession $31 (+bf)


                     Wild West Comedy’s

                  ’Last Laugh Wrap Show!’

How else would you end 12 days comedy than with the last big laugh until next year!

Wall-to-wall comedians, unleashed, unrestricted and ready to celebrate the last final laugh of the Wild West Comedy Festival 2012. Come kick up your heels and be the first to congratulate the 2012 WA-ha-ha Awards Winners!



  • Sun 2 September, 7.00 pm – The Empyrean
  • Full: $42 / Concession: $36 (+bf)


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