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Youth & Teenage Program’s

This year Wild West Comedy is bringing back Funny Sculptures & LOL! Teen Comedy

4th Funny Sculptures Exhibition

Invitation & Information to your school.

The Funny Sculptures project is part of the Wild West Comedy Festival and provides an opportunity for primary school children to develop an awareness of comedy, interpretation and culture in a fun and creative way.

Our Funny Sculptures Tutor, in conjunction with your teacher, will conduct the first workshop. This workshop is aimed at sparking their imaginations and will be inspired by their favourite joke, witticism or funny saying.

This is how it works:

  1. Students will then have 3-5 weeks to create their sculptures.
  2. The process of completing the sculptures will be managed by your teacher over the course of the following weeks leading up to the July 6.
  3. The sculptures are then collected and displayed at the Funny Sculptures Exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia as part of the Wild West Comedy Festival of 2012.
  4. The exhibition will go over 42 days encompassing the Wild West Comedy Festival dates.
  5. Voting for Most Popular Sculpture will be conducted at the exhibition and each school will be awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Most Popular certificate. All other students will receive a Participation Certificate.

Proposed Dates:


Beginning of Term Two, 2012: The Wild West Comedy Festival’s Workshops Manager will conduct the 1st workshop at your school with your students. This involves brainstorming ideas, deciding on a joke, witticism or funny saying, materials and considering how you can present it visually in a 3D sculpture. Ideally, each student makes one sculpture each in order to develop his or her own creative expression.


Term Two, 2012: Students continue with the sculptures according to their teachers’ schedule.


6th July (end of Term Two): Sculptures are to be complete.


7th July-20th July: Sculptures are picked up and taken to the State Library of Western Australia.


24th July – 3rd September 2012:  The State Library of Western Australia Funny Sculptures Exhibition.


We encourage school excursions to this free exhibition. 5800 visitors viewed last year’s sculptures!


Mid September 2012: Sculptures are delivered back to schools.


Participation in the 2012 Funny Sculptures Exhibition is limited to seven primary schools in Perth metro area, for their students in years 5 and 6.

To register your interest, please email Helen Buckingham at

or 0410 821 807.


2nd LOL! Teen Comedy Show

High School Incursion TO YOUR SCHOOL! : “A Blackboard Jungle”

A comedy show about surviving high school and following your dreams

It’s a Jungle out there!

Join comedian, harmonica player and nerd Michael Connell as he relives his High School years. Inherit the Earth tells the story of how Michael survived the pressures of High School to achieve his dream of becoming a comedian.

Year 10 and 11 students are invited to Michael Connell’s “A Blackboard Jungle”. In his one-man show Michael relives the highs and lows of his high school years and his journey in achieving his dream of being a comedian. He shares his experience of bullying, girlfriends, being liked, self image and self esteem. Michael seeks to reflect a teens life by entertaining and inspiring students and finally exploring what it took for him, and by extension the audience, to reach beyond and find their goals in life.

His use of humour makes it easily accessible for the students.  They will laugh at his issues, attitude and challenges and relate to it themselves.

“A Blackboard Jungle” is part of the Wild West Comedy Festival’s LOL! Teen Comedy program. This program aims to communicate directly with teens and explore daily issues that they experience. LOL! Teen Comedy strives to bring a sense of humour to teen experiences in such a way that they can become an entertaining topic of insight and expression.

Feedback from the 2011 show:

I was pleased that my class had the opportunity to participate. The theme of the show was particularly relevant to many of the students in my class and I am sure that Michael’s story has been inspirational to them. Opportunities for these particular students to reflect on their behaviour towards others and their attitudes towards learning are rare and ought to be nurtured. The fact that he was singlehandedly able to maintain the attention of two whole year groups full of our trickiest bickies for almost an hour speaks to the level of engagement in the room. Thanks again for this opportunity”
Mark Limmage
Science Teacher, Balcatta Senior High School
We wanted to do something special for our year 12 students just before they bunkered down for 2 weeks of exams. Something to take their minds off the everyday pressure of being a year 12 student. Michael was booked for May 26 and he did not disappoint. Michael scored a laugh from our year 12 students within the first 20 seconds. From that point on his performance was hilarious, intelligent, articulate and relevant. The students responded immediately to his humour and style. Michael got the laughs and also carried his message across. His school years were tough and he dealt with that through being funny; not by sarcasm, but genuine comedy. He is now living his dream and I encourage schools to book Michael, sit back and appreciate the laughs and forget about stress for 60 minutes.
Murray Williams
Manager Student Services, Greenwood SHS, Perth WA

For booking and information please contact: